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I bought a Figaro in the fall of 2020 by importing from the UK after asking many of the same questions that you have!

First, the fellow who has all those cars in Virginia is widely considered to be charging tippy-top dollar (also known as too much!) for his cars. I decided not to buy from him, as I think his cars have been sitting in a warehouse for years not being driven.

As for LHD, I bought my car never having driven RHD before and found that the transition, in such a tiny car, is no big deal. I would definitely say that LHD is not worth paying extra for!

I looked at cars from The Figaro Shop, and that again seemed like a pricey option. At any given time, there are at least six Figaros for sale by private owners or other dealers in the UK that are in excellent condition for half of what they charge; some of them are even ‘alumni’ of The Figaro Shop!

Take a look at and the classified ads on the Figaro Owners’ Club website to find cars for sale. Many of the dealers are used to exporting, but you might have a trickier time with an individual.

For your research, I would also recommend spending some time on and reading all the comments from previous sales. Many of the commenters are car enthusiasts who are impressively knowledgeable, and you can learn a lot from them.

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