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Hello Phil, What fuse did you tap in to on the brown wire, or did you splice into a wire?

I gutted my fig and am in the process of soundproofing. I also removed the carpet so I can give it a deep clean. While I’m there I decided to add the cruise control. I am planning to add the switch to the center console where the ashtray goes. I purchased the surface mount version from Rostra. I am trying to determine how to handle the switch. I want it to be removable in the case I need to remove the center console again. This means I may have to cut the wire(s) going from the switch, and then add a molex on each end, that way the permanent wire can stay in place, and still allow for the removal of the center console. My idea was to make the mod as little destructive as possible. My switch comes with a wire to power a backlight (apparently), so that in of itself brings another challenge of locating a accessible dash wire.

Carpets not perfect but came out much better than it was!

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