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I purchased my car through Duncan. I purchased the car unseen, however I paid for a third party inspection to be performed. Comes already titled which should make titling the car easier in your state. Then again I had a few issues here in Texas getting the title transferred as the title had 7 0’s added to the beginning of the vin on the title. Texas wants the actual vin on it, so it has caused some delay in getting it transferred. Overall I’d still rather have a title in the USA, than having to title a car from out of the country as I’ve heard a lot of horror stories (see 5-10 visits) to get the paperwork approved.

Just paid a shipper to pick the car up and deliver it. It was painless. The driver said he got stopped twice by officers on the way. Said they wanted to know what kind of car it was, not that he did anything wrong!

Keep in mind with Duncan you are paying a premium to not have to transfer a out of country title, import taxes, and transport fees from over seas.

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