Figaro Steering Wheel Removal

  1. remove the 3 small screws on the back side of the wheel arms, that hold the chrome fleur d’ lis arms of the horn ring in place
  2. You will find a slot in the backside of the steering wheel, immediately underneath the Center steering wheel arm.  Referring to the photo, you will push a flat bladed screwdriver into that slot, which will push back one of the 3 plastic locks on the brown horn button:

    horn button showing back side

  3. Now remove the metal horn ring assembly.   Please note, it is NOT necessary to remove any of the 4 screws holding the copper contacts to the assembly.  Instead, look further inside for the 2 screws at 180 degrees that hold the entire assembly to the steering wheel..  Lift out the assembly, unplug the one wire with connector, and remove the screw holding the ground wire to the steering wheel body.  Now you can set the horn assembly aside
  4. Remove the center steering wheel nut using a 19mm socket
  5. But before removing the steering wheel, be sure and place a mark on the center steering shaft and a corresponding alignment mark on the the inner steering wheel base, so you reinstall the wheel in its correct orientation
  6. Note you will most certainly require a steering wheel puller to remove the wheel, as it is mounted to a tapered shaft.  If you don’t have one, you can get a loaner at auto parts stores such as O-Reilly’s.
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