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The time finally came!  The limited production Nissan Figaro, produced only in 1991, became 25 years old in 2016, and thus eligible for import into the United States. My wife Dorothee and I have done just that.. we commissioned an extensive restoration of “our” Figaro from a wonderful shop located in Didcot, England, just outside of London.  Our Topaz Mist Figgy finally came into our possession at Galveston Port, Texas, in mid August, 2016:



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As of mid-2016, fewer than a handful of Nissan Figaros exist in the United States, but that is expected to change as American citizens learn about this incredible little car.  Only a total of 20,000 Figaros were built, all in 1991, and all with right side steering.  These cars were developed primarily for the Japanese and UK market.  Demand for these cars was so strong when they were first introduced that they had to be sold by lottery.  As of mid-2016, there is estimated to be fewer than 10 Figaros legally residing in the United States.


View a video of our retrieval of OUR Figaro from Great Britain:

Of English Canals and Figaros

The British Figaro Club is very active, and their club website provides a wealth of information on our Figaros.  The nominal membership fee is well worth investigating for new owners:

Owners Club Anniversary Logo 2016

Visit these pages often to find out more about these incredible little cars.

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