Are you a US resident interested in acquiring a Figaro of your own? Your possibilities are endless:

  1. purchase from an existing U.S. owner
  2. Import from overseas, most likely U.K. or Japan

There are several companies in the UK who specialize in sourcing and restoring Figaros for their clients.  Our favorite is The Figaro Shop located just on the outskirts of London.

The friendly staff at The Figaro Shop have years of experience in safely and successfully exporting/shipping their vehicles to other countries, including the United States since 2016, when Figaros became 25 years old, and thus eligible for importation.

You can expect shipping charges from the UK to be in the $1,300 – $2,000 range, with US import duties of 2.5%

Unless you are well equipped to handle all the paperwork yourself, you’d be well advised to retain the services of a Customs Broker to help guide you through the process (at negligible cost).

Since import rules apply on a NATIONAL basis, most states will not be involved in regulating the actual import process.  Instead, of course, vehicles would have to meet each state’s vehicle registration requirements, including fees, safety and environmental checks, etc.  Google of your own state’s rules should put you at ease.  However, beware that the State of California seems to have fairly restrictive, even draconian rules regarding registration of older cars that were never originally certified for that state.  Reports from owners and potential California owners indicate that successful registration of a Figaro can be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Here’s a good link with further details on  IMPORTING A FIGARO INTO THE US

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