The Nissan Figaro was manufactured one year only, in 1991.  This unique car was developed as a showcase to Nissan technological and design skills.

The engine was a derivative of the diminutive 1,000cc Micra engine that Nissan used in a number of other small vehicles, including the Pao, Be-1, and S-Cargo, none imported to the US.

Exclusive to the Figaro (and standard equipment) was a turbocharger, which brought the engine’s power up from 51 horsepower to a whopping 76 horsepower.. a good 50% increase.

The car was mechanically quite modern in design, including rack and pinion steering, power assisted front disc brakes, air conditioning, all leather seating, and fold-back center convertible “hood” and a retro-styled stereo system.

All cars built were equipped with right hand steering, as Nissan had no intention of exporting to the US.  Most cars either stayed in Japan, or were exported to England (where a reported 4,000+ vehicles currently reside, along with a thriving service, parts, and aftermarket components industry exists).

Initially, Nissan built just 8,000 units… 2,000 each of the four available colors (representing the four seasons):

Topaz Mist (Autumn)

Lapis Grey (Winter)

Emerald Green (Spring)

Pale Aqua (Summer)

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Demand for those cars was so strong that Nissan had to resort to a lottery-style system to accommodate eager buyers.  And so it was, that Nissan agreed to build a further 12,000 vehicles, but this time omitting “Topaz Mist”) color from the offerings, with the remaining 3 colors produced in lots of 4,000 each.  It is for this reason that Topaz Mist is by far the rarest of the Figaro colors.

Over the years, a cult following has built up around these very unique and special cars, with the strongest owners club situation in the UK.  In June 2016, the club gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of these cars, with well over 260 Figaros assembling at Wroxhall Abbey Estate in Mid-England for a weekend of festivities.

Since Figaros were never officially sold in the US, nor submitted for US DOT vetting, their importation has been banned until 25 years old at which time all vehicles are exempt from meeting any US specific regulation.  Hence, for the first time, in 2016, Nissan Figaros can now be imported to the states!



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