Replacement Batteries

Finding a replacement battery in the US for your Figaro can be a bit of an issue.

The “official” replacement is a Bosch S4 018,  While this particular battery seems quite common with UK-based suppliers, there is no such easy source here in the states.

One big issue is that the original battery utilized a somewhat non-standard (to US modes) terminal post, called a pencil post, which is smaller in diameter than “standard” US batteries.

This means if you purchase a standard battery of suitable dimensions, the existing car’s battery cable connections are NOT going to fit on the new battery.

Fortunately, there are terminal adapters available which do allow use of a US standard battery, yet accommodate the stock Figaro battery cables.

The adapters are called: “SAE to Pencil Post Terminal Adapter”

One such source is Amazon (about $20/pair):

In the absence of a “correct” replacement battery, we suggest measuring the dimensions of your original (or just the battery box itself), then refer to battery sizing charts to choose a correct battery (making sure the positive and negative posts are on the correct orientation)

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